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ALEX JANNUZZI is a music composer for media born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


In his first year living in Los Angeles, the world's capital of entertainment, Alex won an award for Best Musical Score for the movie "Ofelia" at the 48Hour Film Festival, and worked on 6 other short films, most of which have also received awards and nominations.

Most recently, Alex has begun scoring the horror audio drama "The Veil", from Voxx Studios. He also recently scored the documentary "Mud Refugees", which deals with the toxic mud disaster in Mariana, Brazil, and is set to be screened soon in Los Angeles.

In 2017, Alex co-founded the YouTube channel named Blak Magik, where he and his long time friend Caio Souza re-arrange video game music using only live instruments .

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As a performer, Alex plays in the band An Endless Sporadic, a fusion prog rock band known world-wide for having placed tracks in games such as Guitar Hero 3 and 5.

Alex was also the lead arranger and a bass player for Mais55, an upcoming group of Brazilian music writers, producers, and performers, with the purpose of revitalizing the Brazilian musical culture by showcasing established Brazilian songwriters as well a new generation of artists.


Having conducted orchestras, written for big bands, recorded latin bands, produced pop rock songs, played in blues trios, and having had his EDM tracks played in nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro, Alex is an incredibly eclectic and versatile musician as a whole.


His musical path started in his early youth, when he first learned to play the recorder. He later  moved to the Guitar and the Electric Bass as a teenager, and finally discovered a passion for music composition after starting his studies in a music university in Rio. "In retrospect", Alex says, "it was an obvious move for me to double major in Film Scoring, Contemporary Writing and Production, with a minor in Video Game Scoring at Berklee College of Music. I simply put together my passion for music, film, and video games, and turned music for media into my everyday life."

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